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Yep.just plug and play
Originally Posted by DJ Melto View Post
This therad is a godsend. I'm one of those guys who hasn't ever recorded anything except on a 1970's tape recorder, LMAOROTF!!!! I have been told I would be good at doing voice overs. I can do a lot of voices and accents. I sell printing for my real job and I deal with some high profile Ad Agencys in my business. A couple of my buddies/customers have been telling me that I should put together a demo and they might be able to help me get some work. So, here I am looking to find out if I can figure out how use Reaper.

I havn't bought a Mic yet. I thought I could just use my Chat Mic in order to see if I could just learn how to use the recording software. Can I use my crapy Mic just to play with the software?

Thanks in advance for your replys!
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