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Default Conexant Smartaudio Hd Question(s)

Oh boy.Here goes...

What I wanted to do is to record multiple midi files on seperate tracks
on my laptop.

The issue is that my laptop Conexant SmartAudio Hd card has only 2 audio outputs
and as far as I've been able to discover; no midi in or outputs on board
(see attachment).

I'm using the K5 plugin that has many stereo outputs, so do I need a different soundcard to record and playback all the outputs (audio and midi) from Kontakt5?

Are the plugin outputs different from the hardware outputs on my soundcard?

And finally, do I need a hardware midi input device to record midi with, or
can I simply use the virtual keyboard provided by Reaper and the sound libraries
provided by Kontakt or Aria?

I've been recording midi for many years, but now with Kontakt and the Aria player,
and having to downgrade my writing situation to a laptop; I've lost the basics.

I know this is convoluted, but if someone can help me undo this knot,
I'd really appreciate it.

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