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Originally Posted by Equal View Post
If I want to make a "True stereo" reverb, I put the "L" and "R" in different instances of ReaVerb, but do I load them on different tracks, or can it be on the same?
In addition, do I pan "L" to the left in ReaVerb and "R" to the right?
Can be done in a single thread using "Pin routing" (blowing up the track to 4 channels intermediately). Route "L" to both inputs of one instance of ReaVerb and "R" to both inputs of the other then route the L-outs of both to L-in of the next plugin and R-out to R-in of same (you need to put some plugin after the two ReaVerb). No "PAN" tweaking necessary.

On top of this, you can link the wet and dry sliders of the ReaVerbs if you want to.

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