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Thanks yep, great info.

Maybe I'm drifting off-topic here, if so I apologize for that, but just so I understand this...

There is a peak LED on the device that according to the manual lights up "when the input signal is within 5dB of analog clipping". I understand that we cannot be sure what they mean exactly by "analog clipping", but lets assume that "analog clipping" occurs at "max line input level", which is specified to be +13dBu. Then the peak LED would light up around +8dBu, right?

So I hooked up a HW synth to the device line in and adjusted the input level so I just barely got a weak flickering on the peak LED. This input signal Reaper measured as -5.7 dBFS peak.

Is this a valid test? Is it meaningful? What does it tell us? Does it mean that 0dBu is around -14dBFS?
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