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Originally Posted by 357mag View Post
......But I don't have a crystal ball so I don't know what kinds of bugs or pops or dropouts or crackles I would have to contend with. Seems some people love them and others have had problems, just like any other piece of gear.
I picked up a Presonus Inspire 1394 and I love it and one of the things I really like is it's expandable, you can daisy chain 4 in line for 16 in/outs if you want/need/system can handle 'em.
Either way you end up using a "mixer" it's just whether you want it to be internal or external. Additionally for me the portability was a plus, as I can throw my laptop, a mic & 1 presonus in my laptop backpack and take a guitar and I'm good to go (literally ).
But I pulled your quote cuz that's gonna be the situation no matter what. As stated so many times and I realize more and more, there's probably not one of us on here that uses the same set-up as someone else so to have any piece of equipment work reasonably the same, for as many different host configurations as they do, is amazing. Check a few things out, that's the great part about returning something, test it out, you don't like it return it say it didn't work right with your set-up.
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