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Originally Posted by GameAudioRvlzzr View Post
Can somebody tell me how i get reaper to ignore note midi channels and only use track midi channels?
Hey Micha:

This might not be the best workaround, so maybe someone else will respond with a better alternative, but here is one way that seems to work:

Check out the [JS: MIDI MPE to single channel] plugin.
It's more of a workaround to achieve what you're wanting, but here's a quick test to verify that it does work in a simple example:

[Track 1]: With the FX enabled and a media item with midi notes and CC data on channel 1. Keep the default parameters but change the output midi channel to 2 as an example.

Routing this into another [Track 2] and recording the midi output verifies that it does indeed switch the notes and cc events into the user-specified channel (channel 2). So it seems you could enable this plug-in on every track that you wanted to force a specific midi channel onto, disregarding the midi data as to what actual channels were in the midi information, but again, maybe there's a better way to do this.

Good luck
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