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Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post
When humans fall short of being able to create anything wholly and without a.i. assistance, we'll just stop bothering. Generations of that will result in infantile intellects.

Or maybe not, it might be nice and great. Nice and great.
Lots of interesting thoughts you wrote in those posts, overall. Some of it is outright pep talk compared to what I sometimes think on darker moments.

I'm pretty sure that most of our lives' signals - culture, art and all - will eventually be lost in the noise of time like the famous tears in rain. Happens with every generation to some extent.

But regarding intellects of future generations, and also as some kind of overall feeling on the subject, I'm reminded of movie quotes like "time not important, only life important" and "life finds a way". Who knows - maybe human species' achievement will be to create AIs good enough to continue developing by themselves, while the animal body will revert back to climbing trees and eating fruits, overseen by benevolent AIs without even realizing it.
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