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Default Deactivate note midi channels?

The feature that, within one midi item, i can have notes targeting different midi channels, has only disadvantages to me. Can i deactivate it?

I would prefer to have any midi item only edit and play notes on the midi channel that i have set as output for the track (which i usually set to "Input: MIDI"/My Keyboard/"All Channels" and "Map input to channel:"/"Channel 1" (for expample)).

Example of the behaviour i would prefer:
If i have a midi item on track 1 (mapped to channel 1), it always only plays on midi channel 1, whatever the notes. If i mouse draw additional notes into that item, they, too, play on channel 1.
If i then move that midi item to track 2 (mapped to channel 8), all the notes play on channel 8.

I am aware i can change the midi channels of the notes to what i want them to be, but having to do that all the time is a major nuisance for me.

Can somebody tell me how i get reaper to ignore note midi channels and only use track midi channels?

Thank you!
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