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More progress made....

I even have a PDF cutout for Maschine MK2 (top left, middle left) that shows the midi mappings, and the same for Beatstep and Keylab MK2's buttons (and DAW Control section).

I measured everything best I could (centimeters of course... USA needs to scrap "inches" and adopt the metric system like the rest of the world).... and, so far so good. I printed things out onto decent card stock, so they lay flat without curling, or needing to be taped down.

BTW-- any graphic designers out there interested in making blank white templates for MIDI mode / Reaper stuff? Ideally from decent-quality materials, that lays flat and is erasable or that type of material that you can write on with those special pens and then throw in freezer to erase it or something? Very curious if anyone (ideally USA) can make precise, machined overlays for this giganto project. is a great site.... but he doesn't have EVERYTHING... and I want to see if someone can make stuff for MK2, Mikro MK2, MK3, Jam, and Studio, primarily.

Thanks! More news as it comes...
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