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Will look into your work... thanks! I'm not saying I'm the first to do any of this... just wanted to help people out with those older controllers... all of which whose prices dropped DRASTICALLY since MK3 came out.

Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Not to undermine the time you've already put into this but...

I actually did this already with MIDI-Ox some years ago. It works for any Maschine hardware and can be configured for any controller to convert note messages to CC and sending all CC on different channels depending on which of the middle row buttons you hold. Basically this mimics Maschine workflow with Maschine as a MIDI controller in Reaper.

Check it out if you like:

I can work mouselessly with a Maschine Mikro, but it's easily adapted to any MIDI device that can send notes by setting the buttons to be used as momentary channel switches to PC 112-119 in the controller editor.

You can also check out these templates I made for Maschine in Reaper:
You can record MIDI in Reaper without ever switching to MIDI mode... Truly "best of both worlds."
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