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Absolutely!!!! I have a Maschine Jam too and forgot to mention it. Original post changed to reflect that Jam is included. Additionally, I’m going to pick up a Mikro MK2. I think that is another more than useful controller for Reaper. It’s that damn click encoder. I am addicted to those things these days. The Jam of course has one, too.

I am hoping to wrap up a majority of the work this weekend. I hope. Soooo much to still do. Oh and now I am even more stoked on the Arturia controllers. Specifically the Beatstep. Hella good for Reaper too. But nowhere near as good as the Maschines. But one huge advantage the Beatstep has is... 16 User Maps... 16 encoders, 16 pads (aka Buttons). AND, through, you can buy blank Beatstep overlays, or custom-printed ones... I asked Daniel (the guy who runs it) if he could do some overlays for MK2, MK3, Mikro MK2 and Studio... really hope so. Maybe Jam, as well. That site is like the only site that has overlays for good midi controllers. I bought several for my Novation Launch Control XL a few months back (side note: Novation REALLY needs to release a Launch Control XL MK2... with ENCODERS this time. And ideally, 32 buttons instead of 16.

Would love to know how you’re using Jam with Reaper so far especially with led feedback?

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