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Thanks for your interest, guys!

I literally have put in 80+ hours of this, already. Configuring, re-configuring.... mathematically-thinking... what is the most useful, where should it be mapped....

SO much work.

Btw, this will also be for Arturia's Keylab MK2, and POSSIBLY Keylab Essential, as well.

AND other controllers... but, for now... Maschine.

FYI... there's no better value used than a Maschine Studio or MK2... $150-200 right now (and for months)... worth it, even WITHOUT the Maschine software.

edit (April 12th, 2019): The Mikro MK2 is insanely dope for the price, used, too. Still has a Click-Encoder... less buttons, but, you can map the drumpads to CC#s, to get more Reaper buttons if you need them. And something I really, really love about the Mikro MK2 is that the Click-Encoder can be assigned to a different CC# depending on the "Page" you're on (in Maschine MIDI mode). Much like the Studio. And you don't even have to switch Templates. The MK3 can't do this, neither can the regular MK2. Very nice.

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