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Default MIDI pass-through

Something I just thought of, and can't remember being discussed yet (but I may be wrong because this thread has become so long): combined MIDI keyboard / control surface devices.

As an example, I have a nice MIDI keyboard (Arturia Keylab Essential) that has the regular piano keys, pitch and mod wheels and 8 drum pads, but also a transport button section and 9 faders and 9 rotaries.

It would be cool to integrate the transport keys and the rotaries and faders into a CSI page, while still being able to play music with the keys and pads and pitch/mod wheels.

As I understand it now, you have to either use it as a regular MIDI controller in Reaper, or deactivate it and assign it within CSI. Is there a way to pass the MIDI notes and CC codes to Reaper unaltered? Or should all notes and CC codes be individually mapped to actions in CSI (that then trigger notes and CC events to Reaper, if those actions even exist)?
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