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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
FYI update: Track banking is generally working.

Implementing TrackNavigationManager and came across something we roughed in a while back -- an option to make sure the selected track is visible on the control surface.

Right now it's an Action, that doesn't seem right, it's not something you turn on and off as you work -- at least I don't think so

Looks we we did it as an Action just to hack it in quickly.

Suggest it should be a checkbox on Page setup -- "Make sure selected Track is visible on surface" or something shorter if we can come up with a shorter phrase... anyone, please
Could it stay as an Action please?

Being able to disconnect the selected track(s) on the screen from the banking of the surface (temporarily) can be very useful.

It allows you to retain surface control of one set of tracks whilst working on another track or tracks on the screen, without worrying that if you select any of those tracks, the surface will 'jump'.

As for a shorter phrase, how about 'Surface follows screen' ? (strictly, 'Surface banking follows screen selection')
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