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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
After navigating to a plugin on a track, say, a Zone might map 8 plugin parameters to 8 Widgets on a Surface.

DrillDown would allow you to map further groups of 8 plugin parameters (from the same plugin) to the same 8 Widgets and navigate up and down the groups.

(I used the word 'group' as the terminology here is a bit hazy. Normally I'd use the word 'page', but it's already taken. Perhaps 'level' might be better as it suggests the up/down nature of DrillDown.
OK, thanks. I was being thrown by the down part of Drilldown, assuming it meant stepping down into some child object. Whereas this is analogous to banking (or paging, as you say)

Prior to your post, I was thinking about Track Folders, and wondering whether an example of drilldown might be about stepping down into the folder, so the faders were mapped across the enclosed tracks.

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