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Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post
So I've been letting the Navigators idea percolate over the last few days, and I want to make sure that where I've landed with it is not too far off the mark.

Some of the things that Reaper exposes to us can be though of as collections:

- a collection of tracks in a project
- a collection of plugins on a track
- a collection of Sends on a track, etc

Where we want to map zones on a Surface to those collections, a Navigator defines how we're going to traverse those collections. It defines the cursor (where we are currently in the collection), the window of "active" items (8 current tracks, 1 FX, etc), and what options we have to move (next/prev, first/last etc)

Is this a reasonable conceptual model? Am I missing anything?
Pretty well spot on, near as I can tell

Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post
A couple of questions I'm left with:

- are there cases where it's not a collection but rather a hierarchy?
- are there cases where it's not a collection of Reaper items, but a collection of CSI items? eg. it seems we use Activators to activate Zones, but do we ever Navigate between Zones?

Not super important, but just trying to get the map straight in my head.

A classic example of a hierarchal Navigator is a drill down Navigator.

Haven't considered Navigating between Zones, sounds a bit scary
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