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MPL, I noticed with RS5k manager, that if I duplicate instance of RS5k, and manually increase Note Start/Note End in second instance +1, then duplicaded sample appears in RS5k manager as new cell.

Could you please make a script to do this in one step:
1. Duplicate last instance of RS5k on channel.
2. Increase Note Start/Note End by +1.

This would be really handy for setting slices from a loop. Load loop, set sample start, duplicate to new cell, again set new sample start, and so on.

BTW, did you catch my bug report from yesterday about RS5k manager erasing note-off status? This one is really annoying.
(BUG: If you change any control for cell, it erases "Obey note-offs" setting in corresponding RS5K instance.)

Thnx for great script.
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