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Originally Posted by Bevosss View Post
That creates a new track, 'apply fx' creates a new take on top of the original. I use a render fx macro for folder and receive tracks, but prefer 'apply fx' for tracks with items, it's a bit neater track-wise but the same result really.

The great thing about Reaper is, there's a few different ways to do operations, especially rendering.
I have not yet used "fx on an item" , thought it was a neat idea , very granular , very flexible, but thought it more of something to use as an exception. I also assumed that if you used fx on an item basis , that one would be instantiating more fx i.e. 7 items that needed compression , if on an "item" basis then 7 instantiations of the comp plugin, after all it follows that you can have different settings per item.

Finally, I find "render to stem" more analogous to "freeze" function in AA which I am familiar with.

I'll check out how that works, thanks for pointing it out.
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