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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
I guess most of what I want is less setup

I already did the legwork of creating the artic file, so Reaper could be nice and use that info to my advantage when it comes to inserting events in the notation lane.
I am aware that this will hopefully get better if/when artic files get loaded in the MIDI editor itself, but then again, if it's a similar handling
as Bank/Program (doubleclick -travel to dialog - click dropdown arrow - click list entry - click OK - travel back to CClane), then I dunno if it will be so very helpful.
Sorry my last post was written whilst walking so a bit short on details

You can set up an articulation file so that when right clicking an an actual note in the midi editor, you can choose one of your own articulation names there to "assign" it to that note. It will then show up in the notation "CC" area and will send out the right kind of change to your VST (if set up in the artic file). Soon it's going to be that you can save the artic file with the track template so that it will always load with it (from a track template).

There's probably other stuff that I've not looked into yet but that was the main gist of it
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