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Phew! I only now get to try the new feature, but it ain't quite what I expected. I thought it would help me dealing with keyswitched instruments by letting me use a lane in piano roll instead of a range of the piano keys.
But the new method seems to be catered towards notation users a bit more than I like. And going by the little time I spent with it as of now it's super tedious to handle.

- I sort of expected to be able to click into the notation lane and get a menu of articulations to drop in, based on the articulation map file I created.
Hopefully this will be possible should Schwa decide to make the map file load into the MIDI editor instead of the VSTi.
Most of the keyswitches I use aren't available as stock articulations/ornaments/whatnot in the notation editor. Also I don't care for fancy squiggly lines and symbols in the notation sheet,
I just want to see/edit which articulation gets triggered in the piano roll, preferably by the same name the VSTi uses, so notation text would be the most used notation type for me.
Which means to insert articulations right now I have to type the darn text every **** time the articulation changes. Or I create a plethora of scripts for each of the articulation names that I would want to use.
No offense meant to notation users, it's just that I personally don't feel at home with notation, so I don't tend to look at that editor anyway...

- Probably wishful thinking as well, but it's too bad that recorded keyswitches don't get "converted" to events which come up in the notation lane.
For people who record their virtual instruments more or less live and just want to go in and fine tune here and there this makes articulation maps unfavorable.
Either they recreate the keyswitch sequence they just recorded - translating them into notation events manually and delete the notes of the keyswitch range -,
or they live with the shortcomings of dealing with keyswitches as before.

Please don't forget about us musical illiterate folks who would also like to benefit from a comfortable use of articulations.
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