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Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
A likely explanation is that the IP address of your Mac has changed since you last used it. The script and the Reaper setup and the IP address all need to be in line with one another otherwise the OSC will not work and Reaper will not respond to the hardware.

Most home IP addresses are dynamically allocated so can change so check this is all in line first.

Good luck
Well, good guess but unfortunately the IP hasn't changed because it's static and I wrote the right address in the config file. As I wrote before - MidiMix worked as usual just a couple of days ago.

The interesting part though is that oscii-bot tells me this:

Attached to already-opened device 'MIDI Mix'
Attached to already-opened listener 'localhost:9000'
So...I guess the listener is opened by oscii-bot logger but what opened the control surface?
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