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Originally Posted by Justin
Create a track, record arm it, choose a MIDI input as its input, set monitoring on, add a VSTi plug-in to the track's effect list, and so on.. you can also drag midi files into the track, or record midi files, etc...

Hi Justin,

I got REAPER up and running on my standard XP machine and have been trying to get MIDI working. I can add VST plugins and receive MIDI and monitor the input, but when I try to record no data appears to be recorded. I end up with an extremely short item in the track located somewhere near where I start playing. If I try to extend the length of the item I get an "OFFLINE" message.

If I select "Item Properties --> Source Properties" I get a "File not found" message, but if I browse to the indicated directory I can see a midi file with the corresponding name.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


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