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Default Any way to programmatically add media file with ReaScript?

Hi, I'm very new to Reaper, and DAWs in general, but I am a programmer so I should have no trouble once pointed to the correct api calls...

Here's all I want to do:

1) Enumerate several dozen midi files which contain nothing but a single track of piano music.

2) For each of these files, insert midi file in current project as a track.

3) Attach a VSTi instrument to the track.

4) Bounce the track to wav with the same name as the midi file.

5) Repeat until all files bounced to wav. (ideally, mp3 directly, but I can convert later if not).

ALL I am looking for right now is how to interpret the API documentation. For example, I am trying to find out just how to insert a media file programmatically. I see classes like MediaItem and MediaTrack but nowhere in the documentation says how to create these objects.

It looks like maybe I can interact with "insert media item" via an action or command #, but there's nothing in the documentation that I have interpreted as: "Here's where you put the filename parameter" etc.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. For all I know, what I want to do can be done without scripting. I have over 700 midi files I want to automate the above process for.
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