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Originally Posted by lucor View Post
It definitely gets worse the more tracks are visible.

On the 4k monitor:
In the aforementioned project with 138 tracks, lag is the worst with everything on display.
When I only show one single track and hide everything else, things like resizing a TCP are basically just as snappy as in a fresh project with a single track.
When I make a single track visible step-by-step, I notice the first lag with around 20 tracks (at that point it's still pretty minor though). This also seems to be project independent, I start to notice the same lag at 20 tracks in an empty project with 20 empty tracks.

On the 1080p monitors
Here with all 138 tracks visible, resizing a TCP is still very laggy though not as bad as on the 4k display (here it takes around 60 tracks until I notice the first stuttering).

Snappiness in the Midi Editor also seems related to how much midi data is visible in there. I usually like to have all midi data visible at once for orchestration and arranging purposes.
On the 4k, when I hide all the midi data except for the track that I'm working on, drawing CC data is alot snappier, with only some minor stuttering.
On the 1080p display however, I can have all midi data shown in the editor and drawing CC is still perfectly snappy.
Thanks! Would you mind sending one of these projects (with all plug-ins removed, but the real-world MIDI data) to support at cockos dot com? Thanks!
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