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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
I now think the ultimate control surface is a hybrid made up of various phones/pads/fader packs/scrub jog wheels, etc. depending on the user's role at the moment - mixer, editor, post-pro, etc.
This is pretty much what I think as well.
Maybe something along the idea of an iPad dock?

Ideally it would be a dedicated device,
but practically, a dock for a tablet may turn out much easier.

Wire/wire-less: Hm.. bought have their advantages,
but just bringing the tablet to tracking booth,
having the dock stationary, would cover most use.

One could think all text on tablet,
knobs top/bottom, buttons left/right
with the most basic transport with led-lights to right-right,
motorized fader left-left.

Stable and easy connection is important.
TouchDAW OSC -solution is difficult.
Needs something more plug n'play.
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