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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
What major OSX DAWs support VST natively? I think the list is a lot shorter than I thought it was. I know there are VST->AU wrappers, do people mostly just use those?
Wrappers can cause problems. Spark, which is an older program, supports VST under OS X. So does Cubase/Nuendo (it's basically their format). At this point, I think most people using OS X native are using AU not VST. Which is why, besides what Spark does, afaik, there are no AU->VST wrappers. Also, while there are tons of VST's out there, many of them are Windows only.

Logic, Numerology, Live, Melodyne, DSP-Quattro, Audio Hijack Pro, Sound Blade, Peak, GarageBand, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. all support AU, which is one reason why Reaper needs to get on that list.
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