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Well if I had to say which I liked best it would be yours, so I'm not sure it counts as a win

Recording equipment has come a long way in the last decade or two and it's really surprising to me what can be obtained with a small budget. I'm absolutely certain that had the Alesis been replaced with WSW pres and RME conversion it would have been improved, but at the time I recorded that I had just started out with my own studio (after working in a few others) and my budget was extremely limited so I chose to spend more on the mics than the pres and interface. It made me realise that the relationship between preamps/desk/final product was a fairly subtle one.

Of course, I still drool over all these 1073 reissues that everyone is making these days!

Apologies to the OP for the massive thread derailment, hopefully you've found it interesting too

And @ georgethedifferent, a belated 'welcome to the forum'! I hope you stick around and help some folks out as you're obviously a knowledgable and talented engineer
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