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Originally Posted by georgethedifferent View Post
Definitely sounds good. Good drummer, kit, room and engineering. Shoot me and tell it was cheap desk with built-in A/D?

Something from me to compare. I was trying to set similar volume and close/oh balance, 24-bit, unprocessed, only oh cut around 300 Hz:

That's a nice drum sound, good work! I think both clips sound quite similar, other than the kit obviously, if i had heard both and someone told me they were tracked in the same room with the same gear I could believe that, though I can hear a tiny bit more room in yours (the room I tracked in is large, had almost no resonance and is actually pretty dead).

My clip was tracked with an Alesis IO26, onboard pre's for everything except overheads which were through a presonus blue tube with the valve engaged. I used reaEQ to make some very small cuts on the way in, and a JS plug (I forget the name) for some expansion on the toms.
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