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I use the Zed R16 as my mobile rig and a Zed 24 through RME converters as my studio mixer

The R16 is really useful and very robust and unlike the ZED 24 doesn't need a lot of cabling thanks to the ability to multi track via firewire which makes it a great mobile rig option. I like that I can mix live as well as taking the channels (either pre or post FX)to reaper to record multi tracks at the same time. It gives me a lot of options if I need to re mix a show for distribution afterwards.

Pres are perfectly fine plenty of gain, low noise, I'd prefer longer throw faders (like I have on the zed 24) but they do the Job. 4 band EQ is pretty good and very usable. The routing and monitoring options are excellent and can handle a fairly complex stage setups.

If I didn't already have the Zed 24 in place, I'd have no problem using it as the centerpiece to a home studio. It's flexible, has lots of useful features and works great.
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