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Originally Posted by Shintogurl View Post
Hmmmmmm, give us an answer then. ;-) LOL
I have to say though, my drumming sucks after listening to that. I haven't touched the kit in months, deffo need to start practising regularly.
I think the general consensus is that the ZED R16 is a good desk for the money, and the fact it can be used as a control surface could help the workflow within Reaper once set up properly. I believe A&H provide some type of set up guide for Reaper among other DAWs.
It would be fine for me I think, and I could get rid of my Saffire Pro 40. I don't think it likes me anyway, it's always playing up in some way, the most common fault not detecting any inputs. Pisses me off, when my Alesis iO dock works fine and my Zoom R24 does too, so it's not my instruments or leads.
Anyway, I digress, I think it'll be my desk of choice when funds become available. And then maybe I can get on with producing some Dub Reggae tracks. :-)
He's a good drummer isn't he? Jazz trained, and he has an eclectic music taste which shines through in his playing I think.

I'm not revealing the answer yet, although it's really not that important either way - I've had access to all the gear I listed over the years and it could have been done with any of them - if you have at least a bare minimum quality in your preamps/EQ/desk (which a lot of pro-sumer gear will give you and more) then what really matters is the source, the room, the mics, and your skill with placing them.
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