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Ok so I found some good audio to examine, a session I did with a pretty talented drummer I know. I think this is a very decent drum sound, considering it hasn't been mixed other than levels and panning.

A few details so folks can try to guess what I used:

The drums were miced with an overhead pair, with close mics on snare (top only), kick (inside, ported kick, aimed at beater) and each of the three toms. The kit was one of those 'fusion' affairs with relatively small sizes all around (if memory serves the kick was 20" and toms 10/12/14"). Good quality mics were used all-round.

The drums were very lightly processed on the way in, but no post processing has been applied.

Now the gear it might have been recorded with, it was one of the following setups:

a) AMEK big by langley (onboard pres)
b) Allen & Heath ZED R16 (onboard pres)
b) Neve Capricorn (onboard pres)
c) Alesis IO26 (onboard plus outboard pres)
d) Soundcraft Spirit Studio (onboard plus outboard pres)
e) Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8 (onboard plus outboard pres)
f) Behringer Eurodesk MX900 (onboard and outboard pres)

Here is a 320kbps mp3:

and 24bit wav:

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