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Originally Posted by Stu View Post

To illustrate what I mean about those minuscule differences, (and I mean this as an interesting and fun excercise, not a confrontational one) I could post here a list of all the recording gear I've had access to over the years along with a raw recording of some drums that were done on some of that equipment, to see if you or anyone else can figure out what I used. If anyone got it right it would be an extremely lucky guess!
That would be certainly interesting, though like you said -- there are many other key factors -- drummer, drumkit, room, mics... We'd need all of that the same with different desk or interface to assess.

I was recording the same drummer with the same kit in different room though -- with Mackie Onyx and then WSW/RME pres + RME interface. No brainer for me. I'd be happy to post the tracks but I'm not sure whether I still have those from Mackie (I was so dissapointed that I could have bin-ed them soon after the session...).

Bls asked for other options for the money. And yes, I'd agree with you about the working speed, but it doesn't come for free. If we only consider the sound, I think 3 x RME Quadmic (12 mics is more than enough for most bands, with bass head output & keys going straight to the interface) + 2 x RME Multiface would cost similar but give better sound. And yet is makes easier to upgrade to better preamps without replacing the whole setup at once.
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