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Originally Posted by Stu View Post
No, it's the final 1% we're talking about here, and to suggest that it is pointless getting a desk unless you can afford at least a Toft is a strange way of looking at it in my opinion.
Isn't it pointless to buy 16 budget EQs for studio use when you've got unlimited ReaEQs in hand? And all the sockets, buses etc. You need to pay for that junk, while you're better off using software eqs, inserts, buses... If you don't have much, spend carefully. That's my point. So yes, IMHO it's pointless to buy a desk for studio unless you've got enough for at least a Toft. If not - try to get the best pres you can and neutral interface (RME or Motu are the cheapest I know, with RME having really decent drivers).

Different story obviously when you do live gigs along with recording.

As for my engineering, have you used Mackie desk with its firewire card so that you can judge my skills?

Besides, this thread is about that 1%.
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