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Well I want to stay analogue so have looked at analogue desks with firewire of which only a couple are suitable, the ZED R16 and Mackie Onyx 1640i. The Mackie is cheaper but doesn't have as the fully parametric mids on the EQ. Apparently it does have a few good feature that the ZED doesn't have though, can't remember what though. LOL. My other options are fully analogue desks that have direct outs for every channel and enough auxiliaries for plenty of effects, and as I already have a Focusrite Saffire pro40 firewire interface I can just get another one and daisy chain them to get the 16 inputs to the computer. One of my main choices would be the Allen n Heath Mixwizard WZ4 16:2. This
The combined price of this and a new interface would be cheaper than either of the firewire desks.
Or I could go for more channels and a bit more expense and get this
I have toyed with getting a used Soundcraft Ghost as it has loads of ins n outs and I've used them for the last year at college so I am familiar with them. Some rate them, others don't but I don't have a fortune to spend so I'll go for the most flexible desk for the money I have. I'd rather buy new, but if there's a used bargain to be had then I'll take the opportunity.
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