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Originally Posted by Nick Morris View Post
Youíre going to have to wait for plug and play. There isnít really a great situation in reaper for controllers unless you use CSI and that is not plug and play at all.

Youíll probably not like the answer/advice, but if you need to use control surfaces, itís in your best interest to discover and implement CSI. Bite the bullet and dive in.

CSI is pretty close to plug and play if you don't intend on doing customization to a surface that already has a mapping publicly available. And once you get into Reaper+CSI and really start to get it, Reaper goes from being one of the worst DAWs with control surface support to better than anything else in the marketplace by far. That's not hyperbole. What you can do with Reaper+CSI and a couple of control surfaces is unmatched in the DAW world.
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