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Originally Posted by Cragster View Post
no the TDR gave me the option on install for vst2 or vst3 .i only installed the vst3.i dont get it it was all just working the other day. The TDR worked breifly last night .just the rotary pushes didnt work now it doesnt work at all. i like move the parameters with the mouse and i watch it all move on my surface but wen i move it on the surface nothing . im like going crazy here lol.i had this setup dam near prerfect.and the rotary pushes on the reacomp no longer toggle. and they toggled the other day. sry man im starting to lose my cool so bare with me. i need to rant !!!
In my experience VST3 is best avoided

I've had several occasions where the mapping from the surface has just stopped working. The return path, however, remains fine.

Try it again with VST2. Check that the parameter numbers have not changed (if you're using the ones I posted, they're from the VST2 plugin)
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