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Originally Posted by concaocao View Post
Hi Geoff, I have played around modifying the MCU mst and zon for my FW1884, and most of the controllers ( faders, buttons + jogwheel) control REAPER as expected but the Rotaries (1-8) DON'T seem to adjust the pan of the tracks at all.

When moving Rotary1 I can see REAPER showing the status (near the menu bar) ...
"[Adjust track pan (via surface)]"
and the Reascript console showing a sequence below
In -> MCU -> Rotary1 0.498016
In -> MCU -> Rotary1 0.501984
In -> MCU -> Rotary1 0.501984
but REAPER pan control does NOT change at all.
concaocao, nothing sticks out as incorrect but pan is working here and the relevant parts of our .zon files look the same. Are you sure it's not the super-fine encoder resolution of the pan knob that you're running into? On my surface, I need to really twist and twist and twist to get pan to move using the standard encoder widgets. I get MUCH better resolution currently when I use the EncoderPlain widget for the pans. I'm not saying this will solve your issue, but it may be worth a shot.

Try replacing the "Encoder" portion of the widgets in the .mst with "EncoderPlain" (keep the FB_Encoder the same). Like this:

Widget Rotary1
	EncoderPlain b0 10 7f
	FB_Encoder b0 10 7f
Does that fix it?
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