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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Useful explanation of why hex, thanks.

So, my file:

The original data 'MCU Spec' tab is as it came, i.e; with note names and note numbers. I've added the other tabs. The BCF Layout tab is mine, and I've added a vlookup to translate the note name from the MCU spec to the action mapped on the BCF, and another vlookup to obtain the hex value for the button. I added the hex vlookup to help me setting up CSI as a matter of fact.

It wasn't clearly labelled, but I've now added a couple of headings to help in the BCF tab. I have no idea how useful this is to others. I would be happy to go back over the original MCU Spec tab and vlookup the hex values there too.
Cool, I didn't see the tabs originally, makes more sense now
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