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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Edit:In case it's useful to anyone, I have a little sketch pad going showing what's going on with my BCF. It's fw 1.10 and in NCso mode (MCU Sonar), and the buttons differ substantially to the initial docs from Behringer. I'll add in the numbers for the strip buttons when I get home. I got the MCU specification data tab from someone on these forums back in the day.
Great work, thanks !

Can I persuade you with a kind tone to think about how to express the notation for a second.

Earlier in the thread we chose hex notation for (what we believe) is a better way to express control surface concepts.

The Midi info doesn't represent notes, velocities or anything like that, it's been hijacked to represent entirely different concepts.

For instance, 0x90 is not note on, it's very commonly used for switches.

By using hex we intentionally hide the note/velocity/channel concept and it often actually makes for much cleaner reading files:

Read  PressFB 90 4a 7f  90 4a 00
Write PressFB 90 4b 7f  90 4b 00
Trim  PressFB 90 4c 7f  90 4c 00
Touch PressFB 90 4d 7f  90 4d 00
Latch PressFB 90 4e 7f  90 4e 00
Group PressFB 90 4f 7f  90 4f 00
Once again, please don't think your work is unappreciated, but if we all use one notation things will go much easier
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