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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Yup, my bad, the original is right, got fooled by the LED ring code, which is very similar, but is offset by 20 hex.

Confused as to why this doesn't work, the rotaries work fine on the MCU and XT's right ?

Do the C4 rotaries look right with midi in monitor on ?
I think the refactoring may have introduced a bug that causes issues when b0 00 is used in the .mst definition.

This turned up when I was writing the BCR2000mk2.mst. When I started the Rotary controller codes from b0 00, the only rotary control that worked properly was b0 00 and all the other rotary controls were somehow mapped to the same action as the first (b0 00) control.

When I started the controller codes from b0 01 everything worked as expected.

I believe this to be the cause of the C4 problems. Its rotary controller codes begin from b0 00 as well.
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