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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Still getting up to speed with your new abstraction, but if I understand your comments about sharing, as things are today, this would be via copy/paste?

Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Any thoughts about having action file that could reference actions from multiple surface files? Let's say I want to use a padkontrol for the MCU modifier keys for example. Maybe a namespace prefix from whatever surface the widget lives on?

Incidentally, do you have support for modifier combinations, so;


Yeah, that turns out to be a tricky little design problem.

If you allow for a button on one surface to be used as a modifier on another via a prefix, as you say, this is possible.

However that introduces an unwanted dependency between files -- the prefix surface must exist, things fall apart if it doesn't.

Instead we opted for global modifiers, here are the ones currently available:


So in your .rst file you must designate some or all of the above, obviously the more buttons you can spare to allocate from the surface the more combinations you get, so let's say you can allocate all 4 buttons it will look something like this, although your midi numbers may be different:

Shift PressRelease 90 46 7f 90 46 00
Option PressRelease 90 47 7f 90 47 00
Control PressRelease 90 48 7f 90 48 00
Alt PressRelease 90 49 7f 90 49 00

Now you can use them like this in an .axt file:

Save Reaper 40026 // Save
Shift+Save Reaper 40022 // Save As

Select6 TrackUniqueSelect
Shift+Select6 TrackRangeSelect
Control+Select6 TrackSelect


You can use combos a la:

Shift+Control+Option+Alt+SomeButton SomeAction

etc., but note that Shift+Control is the same as Control+Shift

There are also some other modifiers:

Toggle - does opposite of last press

Invert - on is off and off is on -- e.g. Reaper EQ FX bypass On means control surface EQ Active light should be Off

Hold - 1 second long press

Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Is there a list of inbuilt actions somewhere?

The questions will reduce in frequency and become progressively less stupid as we go along.
It's actually the lack of documentation on this end that's the problem
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