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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
No joy this time i'm afraid.

Original .rst:

RotaryA EncoderFB b0 00 7f b0 00 00
RotaryB EncoderFB b0 08 7f b0 08 00
RotaryC EncoderFB b0 10 7f b0 10 00
RotaryD EncoderFB b0 18 7f b0 18 00

So the original .mst looked right (to me)
Yup, my bad, the original is right, got fooled by the LED ring code, which is very similar, but is offset by 20 hex.

Confused as to why this doesn't work, the rotaries work fine on the MCU and XT's right ?

Do the C4 rotaries look right with midi in monitor on ?

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