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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
LOL. I have thought it is already there. But if not, that is not a huge project to make (CSurf module + MIDI I/O + OSC I/O + Lua interpreter with Ria API, MIDI and OSC bindings).
It's not, unfortunately. oscii-bot is an external midi<>osc bridge, also written by Justin Frankel (Reaper's dev and owner) in 2013.
There were rumors that it would be a native part of Reaper, but it never happen.

Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
But I will not start coding... There was a quite sad for me story: one of Sonar users has written "if only we could do MIDI processing in Lua, that will be perfect". I have written such thing (a kind of what Reaper has,,286.0.html ). The person nor anyone else ever tried the result. I am still PO by that. Sorry.
Why not? I don't get it, tbt. I've watched your AZLua video yesterday. It's a good project. For the past several years, I was desperately trying to find a proper tool for Reaper, that would use Lua and be able to operate both OSC and MIDI.
I've tried VSTLua, which is buggy abandonware, that was picked up by some other dev, who doesn't fix bugs. Only keeps it in the current state at his homepage.
There also was Cabbage, that, in theory, can operate OSC and MIDI, but, instead of Lua, uses CSound language, that I've found difficult, outdated and not quite suitable for the task (it's more about audio).
Then, there were GlovePIE, oscii-bot (without sysex support), oscii-bot fork (with buggy sysex), Processing, Python, Max, puredata, some simple tools from Github, Bidule, Usine and tons of other tools,which didn't suit my needs. There were more. I just can't remember all of them.
I even browsed your site in 2015, looking for something appropriate.
The last one was Ctrlr. It's dev added osc support in Ctrlr, by my request. I've started my project there, even drawn working GUI that represented NovationSL. But, it turned out that OSC implementation wasn't capable of properly processing OSC strings, only digits. After a few fixes, Ctrlr's dev given up with his implementation of OSC and decided to switch to native JUCE's OSC, which was introduced in the last version of JUCE, at that time.
That happened a year ago. He continued working on Ctrlr fixes this year, but, no version worked properly with OSC. That's how I was left without any tool for my project to bind together Novation SL and Reaper.
This year, Justin finally added sysex support to oscii-bot and I've started writing my script for it again, after deleting all my previous work in anger.
The process is going fine now, but very slow, due to limitations of EEL2 in arrays functionality, memory access methods and, of cause, because I'm not a programmer. I've found a couple of bugs and limitations in the OSC part of Reaper, though. Not sure if they would be fixed soon.
At the same time, ReaScript doesn't allow devs to access midi ports directly. Only via virtual midi port. Having direct access to midi ports from Reascripts could also solve my problems with lack of midi feedback in Reaper, I suppose.
So, I would definitely prefer (CSurf module + MIDI I/O + OSC I/O + WEB I/O + PlugMaps Lua interpreter with Rea API, MIDI and OSC bindings) to work with, since it could be native and bulletproof solution to my task.
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