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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Sorry, I did not know this naming (while I do know about he Reaper C++ API), and from your posts here supposed CSurf would be a tool specific for controller board handling.

So CSurf based controller board specific thingies are "configured by a language" which in fact is C++.

Thanks for enlightenment !

Later you state that CSurf will run a script ("an EEL script, 2 Python scripts, and finally a Lua script"). So I don't understand you before said "If only there was oscii-bot in csurf form with lua syntax. I'd be a very happy bunny". Exactly this seems to be given ?!?!?

A lot that you are attributing to me was actually posted by fundorin.

First of all, as far as I know there is no such thing as CSurf, there is an SDK suite.

When you say configured by a language, I think see what you are asking.
Yes, the language of implementation is C++, but the whole thing is externally configurable via text based maps, so, in a sense, the "configuration language" is text, no programming skills necessary.

As far as running scripts, I have not actually attempted to code this, but since SWS extensions allow for running at least EEL and Lua scripts, and since the SWS source is publicly available, I'm pretty sure we can run at least those two types (not sure about Python).
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