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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
The links (that I of course do know) don't answer questions about CSurf such as "Does CSurf provide a scripting language ? Which one ?"

Maybe I used misleading wording. I did not ask how CSurf is one, but how CSurf is to be used. I.e. what kind of configuration it needs to be provided to CSurf to make it handle a specific controller board in a specific way. I do know that with OSCII-Bot (or a BeyondPython attached Python program) this would be a script in the appropriate language (EEL / Python), but I have no knowledge about CSurf (and could not quickly find something answering that question).

CSurf, by which you mean the Reaper SDK suite, exposes an extremely rich and diverse Reaper API in a way that let's a C++ programmer interact with Reaper at an almost "development team member" level -- many many thanks to Justin et al !!

As far as handling a specific controller board in a specific way, that's exactly what the Control Surface Integrator project is all about.

A MESSAGE can be MIDI/OSC/WEB/etc. (here's a typical MIDI MESSAGE -- 0x90 0x08 0x7f).

It's all about attaching that MESSAGE to a specific NAME of your choosing.

The NAME can then be MAPPED to an ACTION, let's say a runScript action, which, in this case, you've loaded with 4 script filenames.

When the MESSAGE is received it RUNS the runScript ACTION, which in this case runs 4 scripts sequentially, an EEL script, 2 Python scripts, and finally a Lua script.
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