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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
Good luck trying to display text info on the LCD or implementing hi-res controls without using NPRN values, and only with CC/Notes/AT.
No problem at all if you can define the protocol without needing to take care of the outside world.
- You can use multiple midi channels
- you can define pages (e.g. by Program and/or bank change messages)
- regarding text you can first send a series of CCs to define location, color, ..., than you can use a series of Note-ons to define two characters with each of them.
or whatever (just wild examples)

OIn fact I am planning to add a display to may setup, This will be an Arduino board with one or more LCD or OLED panels. The Arduino OS (+ standard library) features receiving Midi messages via USB and hand them over to a user program. But it does not feature SysEx. So the above is exactly what I intend to do.

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