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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
What? If you're not aware yet, Reaper only provides midi feedback to those controllers, which have specially written csurf plugins for them. All other midi controllers won't get the feedback.
More precisely, Reaper does not provide MIDI feedback also in case of csurf plugins, in fact csurf API has no direct relations to MIDI. But csurf plug-ins can do whatever they like, so they can implement MIDI feedback as well.

There is growing number of MIDI controllers which support strait feedback, so when feedback has the same spirit as the control (f.e. Btn pressed messages == Btn led on, fader is moved to some position == ask fader to move into that position). But the history shows that is not globally accepted standard (Faderport LED != corresponding buttons, MC LED rings on encoders != just the value). So "generic" feedback make no much sense.

Good luck trying to display text info on the LCD or implementing hi-res
controls without using NPRN values, and only with CC/Notes/AT. You'll run out of available CC numbers for all 16 channels quite fast.
hi-res controllers can easily be implemented with CC14, since the only controllers for which that make sense are faders.
With LCD there is no other way then SysEx. But character LCDs will disappear, graphical displays are cheap now and can be used for more than text.
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