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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
SysEx support is a nightmare... since that is a "free" format, every producer interpret it its own way.
Not at all, really. I have programmer's manual for my controller with all details. Only general support of sending/parsing sysex is needed. And, ability to write the logic script. In Lua, preferably.
Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
Also it was actively used by digital mixers, to save scenes bulk and to control each other. They "pack" into one message in general variable number of parameters, these messages are not directly correspond to physical controls but to internal parameters, introduce checksums, etc. In reality, it is simpler to just write a normal binary program to deal with that and not do everything "generic" way.
Again, in my case, sysex is needed for two things: controller state and lcd feedback.

Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
One note (may be that was already mentioned in this thread and I have just skipped):
each plug-in parameter should not only get some mapping (so ctrl X to parameter Y), but also the description of that parameter:
* type (switch, continuous, set)
* resolution (for continuous, finest resolution supported)
* "default" value (for continuous and sets)
also since many plug-ins have "broken" implementation in the corresponding parts, there should be a possibility to set
* parameter name
* conversion for the value (0...1) to text form
I recommend you to look at Default.ReaperOSC file in /Roaming/Reaper/OSC folder for the general clue of the OSC types and arguments. There are also several open-source source plugins available, where you can see, how they were made. And, recently, Erriez rewrote the csurf sources to be compatible with VS2015/2017.
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