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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
And still there are complains that Reaper does not support all existing controller boards out of the box.

I guess such complains exist for any DAW.
I have managed to almost "suppress" them for Sonar last years. For any particular controller, I was asking a simple question: does the requester ready to spend at least 1-2 hours of his time so the controller is supported?
Normally there was no answer or explicit reply "no, I am too busy to waste my time".
Everyone who has replied with "yes" got his surface supported
So far with 2 exceptions:
* colors on display of Behringer X-Touch. I have checked remotely how that works, but proper implementation requires "proxy" mode between X-Touch and X-Air and I had no time for it
* display on Push. I do not have Push and its support requires special USB user land driver and frame buffer graphical library to draw. I have started to write graphical library for other purpose, but instead of making progress had to look for a new DAW...
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