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I'm also refactoring my script day after day. At first, I've implemented transport mode toggle with the dedicated button "Transport" on the controller.
Then I built all the logic around it. But, only 6 transport buttons out of 8 were available for mapping functions(firmware limitation), so, a couple days later, I've decided to map some other key as the transport toggle. It took an evening of my non-programmer skills to remap everything (osc, midi, states, led). Then, after ten days of adding new features, I felt greedy about that new transport button, that I could use for some other functions.
So, I've changed all the related code back to the original transport button, yesterday.
For now, my script is 1385 lines long and I still didn't finish the mixer mode properly, not saying about instrument and fx modes or lcd feedback.
So, yeah, I feel you. It's some type of masochistic pleasure, rewriting your code to make it better, even if there would be no functional changes and no one would ever know that your code was refactored hundreds times.

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